Small Animal Fluid Therapy, Acid-base and Electrolyte Disorders PDF. Fluid therapy is one of the most important aspects of therapy in both small and large animal medicine.

Small Animal Fluid Therapy, Acid-base and Electrolyte Disorders PDF

Small Animal Fluid Therapy, Acid Base And Electrolyte Disorders PDF

It is also extremely controversial, in that there are many opinions as to how to provide fluid therapy in different disease states. The descriptions provided within this text are meant to be used as guidelines that this author follows when implementing fluid and transfusion therapy.

The text is divided into chapters that describe the physiologic fluid compartments within the body and how fluid travels from place to place within the body. The next chapter describes how to place and maintain intravenous and intraosseous catheters, as well as potential complications of intravenous catheterization. Next, the various types of crystalloid and colloid fluids and how they behave within the body are described.

Transfusion medicine and electrolyte disorders are discussed in the next two chapters, followed by discussion of various forms of shock, resuscitation, and monitoring during shock states. The final chapter then describes clinical cases in which the concepts described in the text can be applied in daily practice. It is my hope that the readers will find this text useful when treating their own patients.

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