ASA Handbook on Poultry Diseases PDF

The second edition of the ASA Handbook on Poultry Diseases has been prepared for the American Soybean Association to assist veterinarians, students, and avian health professionals to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in poultry flocks.

ASA Handbook on Poultry Diseases PDF

ASA Handbook On Poultry Diseases PDF

It is emphasized that in the context of Asia, some diseases such as avian influenza occur as epornitics. Most frequently, production is impacted by combinations of infections and parasites which are invariably complicated by inter current nutritional, environmental and management deficiencies. Careful evaluation of the history and application of modern techniques are necessary to diagnose and resolve complex infectious multi factorial diseases.

The American Soybean Association encourages constructive comments on this 2nd edition of the Poultry Disease Handbook, including suggestions to be included in subsequent printings. Specialists and consultants affiliated to the American Soybean Association are willing to assist producers, cooperatives, poultry organizations, and universities with additional information on specific aspects of the control and prevention of poultry disease.

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