Antibiotic Resistance Protocols 3rd Edition PDF. Since the first two editions in this series were published, much has changed in the world of antibiotic resistance research.

Antibiotic Resistance Protocols 3rd Edition PDF

Antibiotic Resistance Protocols 3rd Edition PDF

Importantly, national and international reports have highlighted the cost of antibiotics resistance to world health. There is a recognition of the need to understand the processes that drive resistance and to identify ways to ameliorate the apparently inexorable progress to a post-antibiotic age.

At the same time, our science has not stood still and there are new tools to address the old questions. This new edition of Antibiotic Resistance Protocols draws on a wide range of different technologies. These range from conventional growth-based techniques to the application of molecular biology to understand the development of resistance mutations, diagnosis, and monitoring treatment response. Importantly, we are now starting to see beyond genetic resistance to start to understand how transitory phenotypic resistance may play a role in the emergence of fully resistant strains. Within this volume there are techniques from the microscopic scale to whole animal models.

Antibiotic resistance is, truly, a major threat to modern medicine, which is only possible with the contribution of antibiotics to support patients through complex procedures. It is only by redoubling our research efforts are we likely to address this problem, and the third edition of this series provides tools that we hope you will find useful in your contribution to progress.

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