This book Wilson’s Practical Meat Inspection 7th Edition PDF is based on a course of lectures on meat inspection, and is intended for all those interested in the practical aspects of the subject, particularly veterinary students, trainee public health inspectors and trainee meat inspectors.

Wilson’s Practical Meat Inspection 7th Edition PDF

Wilson's Practical Meat Inspection 7th Edition PDF

While the sections dealing with physiology and anatomy have been deliberately made somewhat elementary, they do provide all the information required by meat inspectors, while veterinary students and, to a lesser degree, public health inspectors learn these subjects as a separate part of their course.

I have tried to deal comprehensively with meat inspection, but it must be stressed that it is essentially a practical subject which cannot be learned from books alone. I have, however, designed both text and illustrations to emphasis all the important facts that students should remember, excluding all irrelevant material.

It is most important that students should familiarize themselves with normal tissues so that when something abnormal turns up it can be recognised.

Anew chapter relating to illegal meat has been included to reflect the increased media and public awareness of this subject. I hope the information contained in this chapter will assist enforcement officers in detecting illegal meat and ensure its removal from the food chain.

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