Veterinary Terminologies frequently used to designate body parts of organs

Veterinary Terminologies 

Veterinary Medical Terminologies

Terminologies used in veterinary practice are given below, hope it will help you.

Organ/Body partMedical terminology
AnusAnal, ano-
ArmBrachial, brachio-
BloodHem-, hemo-, hemat-
ChestThoracic, thorax, thoraco
EarAuricle, oto-
EyeOcular, oculo-, ophthalmo-
FootPedal, ped-, -pod
GallbladderChole-, chol-
HeadCephalic, cephalo-
HeartCarium, cardiac, cardio-
IntestinesCecum, colon, duodenum, ileum, jejunum
KidneyRenal, nephric, nephro-
LipCheil-, labi-
LiverHepatic, hepato
LungsPulmonary, pulmonic
MouthOral, os, stoma, stomat-
NeckCervix, cervical, cervico-
SkinDerma, integumentum
StomachGastric, gastro-
TesticleOrchio-, orchi-, orchido-
Urinary bladderCysti-, cysto-
UterusHystero-, metra
VaginaVulvo, vaginal
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