Veterinary Entomology – Livestock and Companion Animals Free PDF Download. Veterinary Entomology: Livestock and Companion Animals is a textbook/reference written for undergraduate students interested in this field.

Veterinary Entomology – Livestock and Companion Animals Free PDF Download

Veterinary Entomology Livestock And Companion Animals Free PDF Download

Its intent is for use as a suitable textbook for courses dealing with veterinary entomology. It is designed to acquaint the student with the array of insects and related arthropods that may be encountered in animal husbandry practices and with companion animals. The text provides pertinent information on host–pest relationships, pest control methodology, identification and biology of important pest groups, and the importance and impact of pests within each livestock commodity and companion animal group.

Not included in this textbook is any detailed information on structure and function of insects and related arthropods or a review of classification of arthropods. This information is readily available in numerous other textbooks on entomology and is not directly pertinent to the subject matter being presented in this textbook. Information regarding identification, ecology, life-cycles, and so forth, is presented, as necessary, in chapters dealing with specific pest groups.

This textbook is suitable not only for instruction of courses at the college level, but also as a ready reference for anyone needing information on arthropods affecting livestock and companion animals. Veterinarians, animal scientists, extension agents, industry technical representatives, and livestock producers, among others, should find this book useful for obtaining information on pests of concern.

Because of frequent changes in specific chemicals and pest procedures, no discreet chemical control recommendations are provided in the textbook, other than where example methods may be discussed. Control recommendations are routinely revised by federal and state agencies because of product and/or methodology changes that frequently take place. Individuals needing current information on effective and safe pesticides and control recommendations are encouraged to call, write, email, or visit Web sites of their local extension agent or state extension entomology specialist.

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