Veterinary Dentistry – Self-Assessment Color Review PDF. We hope that the contents of this book will be a true reflection of its title. This text was written to give you, the reader, whether you are a keen final-year student, a resident, a practitioner, or a board-certified specialist, an opportunity to assess your knowledge of veterinary dentistry, based on a series of well-illustrated questions.

Veterinary Dentistry – Self-Assessment Color Review PDF

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Hopefully, it will stimulate your interest and promote further study. The book should be used in combination with standard dentistry textbooks; it is not intended to substitute for any of them, and by no means should this book be seen as a stand-alone volume. If, at the end of an evening, having gone through a few questions, you find your desk covered with half a dozen opened veterinary and human dental textbooks, and several article reprints scattered in between, we will have achieved our goal!

Care has been taken to ensure that the material presented is informative and factually correct. However, the format of the book does not allow in-depth veterinary discussions of the various nuances that may exist and be applicable to a clinical case. Equally, the random nature of the questions and the limited volume of this book do not allow a systematic and comprehensive review of the subject matter. Although we recognize these shortcomings, we urge the reader to see beyond the limitations of the format and use this book for its intended purpose of self-assessment.

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