Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology PDF By Ronald D. Smith. Since publication of the first edition of this book, the approaches and techniques of clinical epidemiology have become increasingly prominent in the veterinary literature.

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology PDF By Ronald D. Smith

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology PDF By Ronald D. Smith

This second edition includes numerous updates throughout to reflect the increasing recognition of the role of clinical epidemiology as a basic science in clinical research. The chapters on the evaluation and use of diagnostic tests include expanded sections on likelihood ratios and ROC curves. The chapter on evaluating the cost of disease includes an expanded section on decision analysis. Many of the examples throughout the book have been updated with more recent examples from the veterinary literature.

During the revision process I have tried to maintain the basic focus of the book, e.g., the application of epidemiologic principles and techniques to problems regularly faced by veterinary practitioners. It is hoped that the book will help anyone working in the field of animal health to critically evaluate their own experiences and those of others, as reported in the medical literature and other forums.

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