Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications by Beth Vanhorn, Robert Clark, is a comprehensive book and reference for use by veterinary assisting students, practicing veterinary assistants, veterinary receptionists, and other supportive staff within a veterinary facility.

Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications

Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications

The format allows the reader to quickly obtain resources and information regarding basic veterinary assistant principles and clinical situations. The material moves from basic to advanced information and includes the latest educational information in the industry.

This is a tool for students to help them study chapter contents. Objectives, Key Terms, and a summary of the chapter are provided for review. Additional activities, checklists, resources, and Web links also help students learn the content.

The popularity and demand nationwide of veterinarians and trained staff have caused the industry to reach out to the high school career and technical schools to allow students the experience and under-standing of the veterinary field. Thus, Ms. Vanhorn began creating a high school–based veterinary assistant pro-gram to allow students the experience of and a basic introduction to the world of veterinary medicine.

On developing the program, Vanhorn found that the majority of veterinary-related educational materials and text books were written at a college-to-post secondary level. In an effort to allow secondary students to understand and learn about veterinary assisting as a career opportunity, this textbook was created for veterinary assistant students and as a resource for practicing veterinary assistants, veterinary receptionists, hospital managers, and technicians.

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