Veterinary Anesthetic and Monitoring Equipment, In human anesthesiology, classic textbooks concerning anesthetic and monitoring equipment have been published since 1975 (Understanding Anesthesia Equipment, 1st ed. Dorsch, J.A. and Dorsch, S.E. (eds), currently on its 5th edition).

Veterinary Anesthetic and Monitoring Equipment

Veterinary Anesthetic And Monitoring Equipment

Veterinary Anesthetic and Monitoring Equipment is the first attempt to compile similar information into one source. It was developed to present the most current equipment and techniques available to the field of veterinary anesthesia, specifically directed at our unique veterinary species.

No longer is veterinary anesthesia just a “spin off ” of human anesthesia. Our field has developed quickly and specialized equipment and techniques have become imperative to current practice. To this end, knowledge concerning veterinary anesthesia and anesthetic monitoring is greatly expanding and continually developing as the breadth and depth of anesthetic procedures increase as well. It is not enough in modern‐day practice to know that a specific piece of equipment is used in a specific situation; professionals must also know why it is used and how the equipment functions.

This book was established to provide foundational information for all veterinary professionals to build upon, including laboratory animal anesthetists, private practice veterinary assistants and technicians, veterinarians, specialized anesthesia technicians, anesthesia residents, and ACVAA/ECVAA-boarded diplomates. Thus, the overall purpose of this book is to concisely assemble all necessary resources on equipment, in order to manage each individual veterinary case appropriately, safely and successfully.

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