The Illustrated Horse’s Foot – a Comprehensive Guide, This book is intended to supplement, not replace, the major textbooks on equine lameness, anatomy, and surgery, which often dedicate little space for figures.

The Illustrated Horse’s Foot – a Comprehensive Guide

The Illustrated Horse's Foot A Comprehensive Guide

The major texts should be studied in tandem with The Illustrated Horse’s Foot with the expectation that conditions and problems are better understood when clearly and comprehensively illustrated.

Thus, this illustrated text will provide the student of the horse’s foot (whether veterinarian, farrier, trimmer, or the informed horse owner) with the means to more fully appreciate and understand equine foot anatomy and the problems associated with it. Much folklore and fallacy surround mankind’s association with the horse, but nowhere more so than with the foot. Much confabulated nonsense has be-come entrenched dogma and, having entered the literature, is now difficult to counter with logic.

The spirit of taking a fresh look at the horse’s foot and sifting fact from fiction is embodied in the philosophy of this book. Facts and evidence are presented from which readers can draw their own conclusions, just as Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection never needed proof because the evidence was overwhelmingly convincing.

The resolution of horse foot problems will often depend on collaboration among veterinarian, farrier, trimmer, and the horse’s owner. This book should provide information for all the foot-care professions and thus promote greater mutual understanding and cooperation. This should benefit not only the horse but also its owner. It is envisaged that the illustrations in this book will be used to communicate information among all concerned. With better communication should come greater understanding and better relations between the professions and their clients.

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