The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions. Face the feline facts. Cats put the C in clever, the A in attitude, the T in tenacious, and the S in “so what.”

The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions

The Cat Behavior Answer Book Practical Insights & Proven Solutions For Your Feline Questions

Don’t expect them to apologize or to grovel— leave that to those gotta-please dogs. Cats pride themselves on being candid about what they want, when they want it.

Without a high-priced marketing team or a publicity-generating headline act in Las Vegas, cats have steadily and quietly overcome man’s so-called best friend in terms of numbers and popularity worldwide. In the United States alone, cats outnumber dogs at 90.5 million to 74 million. People may say, “My dog really loves me,” but they absolutely gush when they declare, “I’m crazy about my cat and I think she adores me too.”

We live for their full-throttle purrs, their warmth in our laps, and their amusing antics. Still, felines can be funny, fussy, frustrating, and even a bit freaky. You may wonder why your cat digs her claws into your lap while she’s cuddling. Perhaps you are stymied by your Persian’s preference for using your pillow instead of her litter box. What’s the deal on hairballs, bringing home dead birds, and nibbling on earlobes, anyway?

You may be puzzled and perplexed as you try to figure out why cats do what they do. That’s why I wrote this book. Please regard The Cat Behavior Answer Book as your guide to unlocking the mysteries behind how cats think and act. I’ve collected the questions presented here during appearances on television and radio pet shows, at public speaking presentations, as the editor of Catnip, and as a former pet columnist for Prevention. Once people discover what I do for a living — and that two cats manage my home — they unleash their questions. Why does my cat . . . ? How can I get my cat to stop . . . ? What is the best way to teach my cat to . . . ? I hear from people at bookstores, at weddings, in supermarket lines, and even at dog parks.

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