Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant PDF. A usual day in most veterinary practices is often fast paced and demanding. As a new person, it is sometimes difficult to find someone that is free to answer a question or to clarify an instruction.

Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant PDF

Tasks For The Veterinary Assistant PDF

The amount of information an assistant needs to know can be staggering, and it seems like you have to know it all on the first day!

A technique used in many veterinary technology programs is to have the students put together a reference book and a task card box. The idea is to put key activities and information at your fingertips or in a central location for quick reference.

The information in the reference book is usually common information or standard operating procedures and the task card box is usually reminders for tasks that need to be performed weekly, monthly, or yearly. This information can be tailored to the practice in which you work or can be used right from this book as a means to study for exams.

The information you gather from this textbook should be close to the standards of care maintained at any veterinary clinic in which you find employment and just needs to be modified to the “way they like things.”

The reference book and task card box can be made very simply with pre hole punched index cards that can be kept bound together with “D-rings” or a binder made for index cards. The index card fits nicely into scrub or lab coat pockets and can be changed out as duties change or procedures change.

The task card box also utilizes index cards kept in a recipe box with dividers for weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. However you put your reference book and task card box together, make it yours! Be as creative as you wish; just try to keep in mind that as you grow in your job, you will be given more or at least different tasks, which in turn will require more or different information. So keep it flexible and changeable.

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