Sustainable Poultry Production in Europe Free PDF. ‘Sustainable’ has evolved from a term commonly describing the securing of environmental resources for future generations to a much wider and more complex meaning.

Sustainable Poultry Production in Europe Free PDF

Sustainable Poultry Production In Europe PDF

Sustainability of European poultry production encompasses all the factors needed to create a durable industry. This symposium aimed to explore and ultimately define sustainability in the context of poultry production in Europe and to answer the questions around how we achieve a sustainable poultry industry in Europe.

This symposium identified both the resilience and evolutionary factors needed to create a durable industry capable of thriving from tomorrow to 2050. Talks examined the role of cutting edge technologies and how other new (and not so new) approaches relate to the three pillars of sustainability; Environmental, Social and Economic.

In addition to the papers of invited speakers, this book also contains abstracts from posters on original scientific communications relating to the four major themes of the symposium: Resources – securing material supplies and maintaining a skilled workforce; Market – strengthening positive links to end users; Risk management – identifying and containing threats from disease and economic fluctuations; and Green credentials – maximizing our contribution to waste management and food production and minimizing our use of global resources.

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