Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiology is a rapidly growing specialty in veterinary medicine. SMALL ANIMAL CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE provides a comprehensive, illustrated explanation of anatomy, physiology, assessment, diagnosis and management of small animal cardiovascular health.

Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine

Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine

An overview of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy aids practitioners in identifying clinical abnormalities, determining the significance of the problem, determining treatment, and understanding the unresponsive patient. This book is an excellent resource for small animal veterinarians who need to know about the latest techniques in treating congenital and acquired cardiovascular problems.

* Presents a comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular problems in dogs and cats.
* Promotes better understanding of problems by presenting thorough anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, and pertinent discussions of pharmacokinetics.
* Incorporates systematic assessment guidelines, including history, physical exam, and the latest diagnostic tests.
* Provides a unique classification system for categorizing disease by functional alteration.
* Offers over 770 photos and illustrations to help explain complex principles.
* Features over 150 4-color illustrations on four 8-page inserts covering gross anatomy and state-of-the-art Doppler flow echocardiographic images.

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