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Skin Diseases of Cattle in the Tropics PDF, A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment is a clinical and practical guide to help field veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians to make appropriate and differential diagnoses.

Veterinary Book: Skin Diseases of Cattle in the Tropics PDF

Skin Diseases Of Cattle In The Tropics A Guide To Diagnosis And Treatment

It provides quizzes of clinical cases and demonstrates more than 100 images of characteristic lesions and laboratory findings of major skin diseases and diseases with skin manifestations prevalent in tropical areas notably the Sub-Saharan African countries. This self-learning and easy-to-use instructional guide, the only one of its kind in the field of veterinary medicine, provides, firstly, the condition (as a quiz); followed by its laboratory diagnosis; then answers to the quiz and a summary of the disease.

The book was proposed in order to make the subject accessible for practicing veterinarians and useful for those who have neither seen nor had the chance to see such diseases in the field or clinics. Such diseases are important not only in the tropics but can be encountered in many countries in subtropical and temperate zones.

The motive to write this title was the many photos of typical dis-eases I have witnessed and then treated during more than 20 years’ service at the University of Khartoum Veterinary Clinic (Shambat), during my stay at South Darfur State as a Visiting Assistant Professor, and during field tours with veterinary students to more than 13 states in central, east, and west Sudan between 1985 and 2003 and from visits to Ethiopia, Chad, Kenya, Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of South Africa.

A number of scientific photos have been obtained with courtesy from published or unpublished work of colleagues. Acknowledgments of these sources are provided where relevant. To all who provided such indispensable materials I am very grateful. I appreciate particularly the helpful thoughts of Drs Mohamed Ahmed Hamad, Mohamed Mahmoud Sirdar, Adam Daoud, Mohamed Awad Musa, Kamal Siddig, Hussein Ahmed, Mukhtar T. Abu Samra, Khitma H. Al Malik, Jeruesha Nichols, and Helder Cortes.

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