Sheep and Goat Medicine 2nd Edition Free PDF Download. [The first edition of this text had an exceptional group of chapter authors. We made authorship changes only because some of the original group were unavailable, as they had changed career directions. However, other authors did become available.

Sheep and Goat Medicine 2nd Edition Free PDF Download

Sheep And Goat Medicine 2nd Edition Free PDF Download

In organizing the new edition, we felt we should make a few structural changes to the original edition. These included the addition of a stand-alone chapter on fluid therapy and nutritional support (Chapter 3- written by Drs. Walz and Taylor), a chapter on para-site control (Chapter 6, Drs. Miller and Kaplan) and a chapter on Necropsy Procedures (Chapter 20-written by Dr. Roberts). We also expanded the author list from 24 to 34.

We were able to persuade folks from different parts of the USA and Canada help us as either chapter authors or co-authors. The six years at Fort Dodge Animal Health allowed me to travel and meet many outstanding folks. That experience greatly affected the authorship of this second edition. While visiting the University of Missouri, Dr. Dusty Nagy and I were teaching handling and physical examination of sheep and goats to students from six veterinary colleges.

After watching her explain physical examination, I knew we needed her involved in this project. While I was at LSU, helping with a sheep/goat producer short course, I was able to talk Dr. Jim Miller into being the primary author for the chapter on parasite control. Dr. Miller in turn solicited the help of Dr. Ray Kaplan. Both men are two of my parasite gurus. During a visit to Iowa State for a small ruminant meeting, I learned so much from Drs. Plummer and Plummer.

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