This book discusses the role of probiotics and prebiotics in maintaining the health status of a broad range of animal groups used for food production.

Probiotics and Prebiotics in Animal Health and Food Safety

Probiotics And Prebiotics In Animal Health And Food Safety

It also highlights the use of beneficial microorganisms as protective agents in animal derived foods. The book provides essential information on the characterization and definition of probiotics on the basis of recently released guidelines and reflecting the latest trends in bacterial taxonomy.

Last but not least, it discusses the concept of “dead” probiotics and their benefits to animal health in detail. The book will benefit all professors, students, researchers and practitioners in academia and industry whose work involves biotechnology, veterinary sciences or food production.

This book addresses the current role of probiotics and prebiotics in the food industry and in companion and food production animal species. … the book is most appropriate for those with specific interests in probiotic and prebiotic agents. This is a book of unique scope that is of particular value to food science students and professionals.

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