The Fourth Edition of Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits has been extensively revised in response to reviewers’ and colleagues’ comments, as well as addition of new material that has arisen since the Third edition was published in 2007.

Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits 4th Edition

Pathology Of Laboratory Rodents And Rabbits 4th Edition 1

In particular, the chapter on rabbits has been significantly revised and expanded. A resounding message from reviewers and colleagues was to publish this edition in color. Technology has advanced such that color images are not only possible but also cost-effective. The images in this text are nonpareil, and have been generously contributed by colleagues, gleaned from the recent literature, and derived from personal collections of the authors.

This book is dedicated to our families, our mentors, our colleagues, and our students . . . past, present, and future. It is especially dedicated to the subjects of this text: laboratory rodents and rabbits. They contribute enormously to biomedical and veterinary science, and deserve our respect and full support.

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