Milk Borne Diseases list

Milk Borne Diseases List

Milk Borne Diseases list


Milk borne diseases

Causative AgentSource of InfectionSings/Symptoms


AnthraxBacillus anthracesMilk handlersExternal form:

Malignant pustule, red inflamed swelling and fever

Internal form:

Pneumonia with haemorrhage

To control it Boil milk for 40 minutes

Autoclaving at pressure of 15 lbs

Prevent environment contamination of milk by boiling

BotulismChlostridium botulinumMilkVomiting, abdominal pain and difficulty in vision later nervous symptoms consisting double vision, drooping of eyelid dilatation of pupilAdequate heat treatment of milk

Cool and storage at 100oC


Bacillary DysenteryShigella flexneri, Sh. sonnei, Sh. dysenteriesMilk handlersDysentery, fever, meningeal symptomsStrict sanitary discipline is enforced in dairy workers.

Heat treatment of milk

BrucellosisBrucella abortus, Br. meletensis, Br. suisMilch animalsPain in joint and back, temperature is usually undulant, headache, liver and spleen enlarge. It causes abortion in femaleAdequate heat treatment of milk

Eradication of disease from dairy animals by test and elimination method

Control of disease by vaccination

CholeraCholera vibrioMilk handler, soil, hand of patient and carrierPainless diarrhea and vomiting, initially skin is dry and wrinkled leg, eyes deeply shrunkenHeat treatment of milk
Coli infectionPathogenic strain of Escherichia coliMilk handlersGastroenteritis and pneumoniaMilk from quarter affected with mastitis should not be used

Adequate heat treatment of milk

Cooling and storage at 10oC

Chlostridium Welch infectionChlostridium welchMilk, milk handlersGastroenteritis, vomiting, weakness and dehydrationHeat treatment of milk

Immediate cooling of milk at 10 oC or below

DiphtheriaCorynebacterium progeniesMilk handlersChilliness and depression, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea, uneasiness in throat, difficulty, stiffness of back and neckHeat treatment of milk,

Examination of milk handlers

PasteruellosisPasteruella multocidaMilch animalsFever pneumoniaMicroorganism is destroyed at the usual pasteurization temperature

To prevent recontamination of milk after pasteurization

Q feverCoxiella burnetti (Rickettsial)Milch animals, milkFever, sever headache and some forms of infection of lungs often causes pneumoniaCalving shed should be away from milk shed

Adequate heat treatment of milk and prevent recontamination

Staphylococcal interotoxic gestroenteritisStaphylococus aureusMilk handlers, milkSever nausea and vomition, diarrhea of less importance, weak pulse, subnormal temperature, sever prostrationAutoclaving at 15 lbs. for 20 min causes almost destruction of organism

Immediate cooling of milk to 10 oC or below

Streptococcal infectionStreptococci of Group AMilk handlers milch animalsScarlet fever, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing and breathingHealth control of dairy workers

Exclusion of milk from mastitis affected quarters

Adequate heat treatment of milk

Adequate cooling of milk

Tick born encephalitisTick borne encephalitis virusMilch animals especially goats milkHigh rise of temperature, drowsiness, headache, mental confusion and encephalitisAdequate heat treatment of milk

Immediate cooling of milk at 10 oC

TuberculosisMycobacterium tuberculosisMilk handlers milch animalsCough of an irritable nature particularly in the morning. Loss of appetite and lose of weight, diarrhea or constipation. Pleurisy causing pain in chest temperature is of swinging type. Enlargement of lymph glandEradication of bovine tuberculosis

Adequate heat treatment of milk

Health control of dairy workers