by Robert Bill in November 2018

This user-friendly guide to medical mathematics helps veterinary technician students develop the math skills

Medical Mathematics And Dosage Calculations For Veterinary Technicians, 3rd Editionrequired before going into the practice setting.

  • New workbook format allows readers to practice problems right inside the book
  • Covers math fundamentals, metric and non-metric conversions, dosing and concentration, IV drug infusion, prescriptions, and doctors’ orders
  • Offers step-by-step instructions for performing calculations
  • Newly expanded to include calculation of constant rate infusions, dilutions, compounding, and anesthesia applications
  • Features a full answer key and images from the book in PowerPoint for instructors on a companion website

In a medical situation the most beneficial drug can be rendered worthless or dangerous if the veterinarian or veterinary technician does not accurately calculate the dose. As many veterinary professionals can testify, it is not enough to just have a superficial understanding of dosage calculation because superficial knowledge often fails during an emergency situation. The skill of accurately calculating drug dosages or making correct medical math calculations must be deeply ingrained and practiced to be consistently reliable.

Another obligation of professionals is to recognize and accurately identify the limits of their knowledge and to strengthen the weaker areas of their skills or knowledge. To help you define the areas of math and dosage calculation that you need to refresh or review, complete the following self assessment exercises. Note that some of the exercises require you to perform the tasks without a calculator. Although a calculator should be used to carry out most dosage calculations, it is also important that the veterinary professional understands how to perform the basic operations manually. They will thereby be able to recognize when an answer to a problem is obviously not accurate (e.g. when the decimal point is misplaced by 1 or 2 places).

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