Manual of Canine and Feline Radiography and Radiology – A Foundation Manual by Andrew Holloway, Fraser McConnell in January 2014 (Reprinted 2016). The purpose of the Manual is to return to the fundamental principles of image interpretation for all body systems, as confident radiographic interpretation remains a considerable challenge for many, presenting, arguably, a more difficult skill to master than that of advanced cross-sectional imaging techniques.

Manual of Canine and Feline Radiography and Radiology: A Foundation Manual

Manual Of Canine And Feline Radiography And Radiology

This Manual is not intended to illustrate the radiological appearance of a long list of diseases, as these are covered more exhaustively in other Manuals. Instead, the Manual of Canine and Feline Radiography and Radiology aims to describe an approach to radiological interpretation, the range of variants and the key fundamental principles and their application to common diseases.

In addition, throughout this Foundation Manual, the approach has been to highlight the importance of understanding the expectations and limitations of radiographic studies, as well as the errors which may lead to misinterpretation.

The publication of this Manual would not have been possible without access to the radiographic archives of the Animal Health Trust and the University of Liverpool (see below). In particular, we would like to thank Kate Bradley (University of Bristol), the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital at the University of Cambridge and Amy Pemberton for their assistance in tracking down additional images.

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