Manual of Canine and Feline Endoscopy and Endosurgery 2nd Edition

Editors: Philip Lhermette, Year 2020, File Type: PDF

Manual Of Canine And Feline Endoscopy And Endosurgery 2nd Edition

This latest edition has been completely revised and updated to provide a comprehensive and practical guide for veterinary surgeons who wish to practice minimally invasive techniques. Routine procedures are described in detail, as these provide the foundation for practical experience and enable transferrable skills to be applied to more advanced procedures at the appropriate juncture. More advanced techniques are also included for advanced practitioners. Manual of Canine and Feline Abdominal Surgery 2nd Edition

Surgery in the human field is carried out using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible. The advantages of these techniques are considerable: improved visualization of the surgical field; improved access to the surgical site; reduced scarring, morbidity and postoperative pain; and more rapid healing. People nowadays expect minimally invasive surgery for themselves, and are very receptive to these procedures for their pets.

  • Chapters on oesophagoscopy, interventional endoscopy, and evolving trends and future developments are new to this edition
  • More detailed information on minimally invasive techniques in cats has been included throughout
  • The chapter on laparoscopy has been significantly expanded and covers techniques ranging from liver biopsy and ovariectomy to cholecystectomy and adrenalectomy
  • The chapter on basic principles of endosurgery has been extended

Exclusive video content

A collection of over 40 videos has been produced to accompany the Manual, which demonstrate the techniques described in the chapters and help the reader understand how a particular procedure should be performed. These can be accessed via the Library.

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