Horse Illustrated Magazine February 2018 PDF, PUT YOUR HORSE’S BEST FOOT FORWARD. Ultimate hoof guide.

Horse Illustrated Magazine February 2018 PDF

Horse Illustrated Magazine February 2018 PDF

My longtime writers all know that my No. 1 banned line is “no hoof, no horse.” Not because I don’t believe it’s true. Quite the opposite! Been there, done that, have the vet bills to prove it. It’s just that there might be more original ways to express that particular truism. I’ve heard a few of them from my farrier. It’s all fun and games until you have the horse with the hoof problems.

You know it’s bad when you text your farrier a photo and he says: A.) I’ve never seen anything like that before; B.) What did the vet say?; C.) Oh crap; D.) Nothing—he’s speechless. The correct answer is “all of the above.” Bonus points if your vet pulls out the camera when he gets there.

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The importance of hoof health can’t be overstated. In addition to finding a farrier you trust to keep your horse’s feet healthy, you also need to understand what healthy feet look like. To help you get to know your horse’s hooves, check out  “Angles, Balance & Symmetry” on pg. 38 for a hands-on guide from the authors of The Essential Hoof Book (Trafalgar Square). We’ve also rounded up a selection of some of the most helpful products to keep your horse’s toes in tip-top shape.

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