Histologic Basis of Ocular Disease in Animals, The title of this valuable new book has been subtly well‐chosen. The authors have avoided the word pathology with its implications of a speciality which always comes late in the management process and carries an overemphasis on tumor diagnosis.

Histologic Basis of Ocular Disease in Animals

Histologic Basis Of Ocular Disease In Animals

The book will indeed serve well as a surgical pathology bench book and it contains the best treatment I have seen on handling and processing of ophthalmic specimens. Its appeal and value, however, are far beyond that. As the title indicates what the authors are giving the reader is eye biology in disease states at the histological level and as such its appeal will be wide.

The work is comprehensive, thorough, and wide‐ranging. As a result, it is substantial and longer than many clinical textbooks. The size of the work, however, is not at all intimidating and is no barrier to communication with the reader. Anyone familiar with previous published work by the authors will be aware of their communication skills and what to expect from their style. This book delivers as expected.

The style is lucid, direct, even informal in places, and communicates specialist histological information in a way that does not feel specialist. The authors’ backgrounds give them a unique perspective on the needs of all readers. Clinicians and others will readily relate to and learn from the contents. To give just two examples there are sections on trauma and on corneal wound healing and responses to insult, which are of daily importance to clinicians.

This is a book that the whole veterinary ophthalmology community has been waiting for. Anyone who thinks of themselves as an eye biologist of any kind needs to understand how the cells are behaving. This book does that and will be a great service to all. This is a book to refer to, to learn from, and, if you are at all interested in eyes, quite simple to enjoy.

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