Heat Shock Proteins in Veterinary Medicine and Sciences, This books provides up-to-date reviews on current advances of the role of HSP in veterinary medicine and research.

Heat Shock Proteins in Veterinary Medicine and Sciences

Heat Shock Proteins In Veterinary Medicine And Sciences

Key basic and clinical research laboratories from major universities, veterinary hospitals and pharmaceutical companies around the world have contributed chapters that review present research activity and importantly project this field into the future.

For easy readability, the book is sub divided into sections on HSP in the following aspects of Veterinary Medicine, including, I – Domestic Animals, II – Poultry, III – Aquatic and IV – Parasites. The book is a must read for heat shock protein researchers in general and specifically those involved in clinical and research in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary medicine is designed to advance our understanding and to promote innovative advances in basic and clinical veterinary sciences with the goal of improving the health and well-being of animals and, through them, the health, stability, and economic development of humans.

The book Heat Shock Proteins in Veterinary Medicine and Sciences provides the most comprehensive review on contemporary knowledge on the role of heat shock proteins (HSP) in veterinary medicine and sciences. Using an integrative approach to understanding heat shock protein physiology, the contributors provide a synopsis of novel mechanisms by which HSP is involved in the regulation of normal physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

To enhance the ease of reading and comprehension, this book has been subdivided into various sections: Section I reviews current progress on the role of HSP in relation to physiology and diseases in domestic animals, Section II evaluates the role of HSP as it relates to antioxidant and thermal stress responses in poultry, Section III focuses the reader on the role of heat shock proteins in aquatic animals, Section IV concentrates the reader’s attention on the role of HSP in disease-causing parasites that plague animals.

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