Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition PDF

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Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition PDF. The fifth edition of Handbook of Veterinary Neurology has been substantially updated, providing students and practitioners with up-to-date information on small and large animal neurology.

Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition PDF

Handbook Of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition PDF

The new edition of Handbook of Veterinary Neurology 5th Edition PDF is in full color, enhancing the learning experience and providing a stronger knowledge of neuroanatomy. We have continued to use the problem-oriented format from previous editions. The emphasis remains on lesion localization because one cannot diagnose what is wrong if one does not know where the lesion(s) is (are) located.

Handbook of Veterinary Neurology is simple and easy to use by veterinary students and practitioners. Numerous algorithms are included that diagram the logic necessary to localize lesions and to formulate diagnostic plans. Each chapter has been extensively reviewed, updated, and heavily referenced.

A unique feature of our book is the Appendix. The Appendix lists breed-associated, breed-specific, or inherited neuromuscular diseases in domestic animals. The Appendix has been substantially updated to include new diseases reported since the fourth edition was published. It contains more than 1000 references.

The fifth edition has an accompanying website that can be found at www.veterinaryneurologycases.com. The website includes 20 video case studies that correlate to all of the cases presented in Chapters 2 and 15 of the book. Each case study on the website is presented as a narrated PowerPoint presentation with videos highlighting important aspects of each case, such as symptoms, lesion localization, and diagnosis.

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