Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines

by Fred Nind and Pam Mosedale, File Type: PDF

Guide To The Use Of Veterinary Medicines
January 2010

The new medicines guide from the has been developed to help you navigate the minefield of issues, changes and regulations that face our profession. Edited by Fred Nind and Pam Mosedale, with contributions from experts in this field, the guide will be an invaluable, reassuring resource for your practice.

This thoroughly updated third editing of the popular formulary provides current drugs and veterinary practices in a practical format that’s concise, portable, and easy to use. You’ll have immediate access to a compendium of essential drug information on therapies for a full range of large, small, and exotic animals. With its breadth of content and efficient format, it’s the ideal text for veterinary students and a valuable clinical tool for practice and rotations.

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• Created by experts in medicine & dispensing regulations and best practice
• Updated regularly
• Easy-to-use quick reference with useful links
• 21 helpful sections

Welcome to the Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines. We hope that these pages will provide a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the safe and legal use of veterinary medicines in companion animals in the UK, for all members of the veterinary team. The editors are very grateful to the various experts in their respective fields who have contributed to the Guide to the Use of Veterinary Medicines.

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