Equine Internal Medicine : Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition. This book presents to its readers two hundred and one interesting and challenging clinical cases from our files.

Equine Internal Medicine : Self-Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition

Equine Internal Medicine Self Assessment Color Review 2nd Edition

Most cases are accompanied by photographs of the horses, imaging or endoscopy findings, blood or fluid smears, other ancillary tests and, in some cases, pathologic findings. We ask pertinent questions with each case to help guide the reader through the case workup and treatments. In-depth answers for each case are provided in the second half of the book. All the cases are new to this second edition.

We have included for most cases a brief discussion of each patient’s disease and one or more pertinent references. The majority of our cases are disorders that may be found in both North America and Europe. However, a small number of cases unique to only one of these two continents are included because they represent important or common diseases on that particular continent.

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