Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound, 1st Edition. This text provides an overview of the applications of diagnostic ultrasonography in the horse.

Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound, 1st Edition

Equine Diagnostic Ultrasound, 1st Edition

It discusses the normal anatomical relationships from an ultrasonographic perspective, the techniques utilized to obtain ultrasonographic images, and the lesions or injuries which can be imaged through ultrasound. The use of ultrasonographic information to develop a prognosis and follow the progress of the case is also addressed.

Techniques of ultrasonic scanning applicable to horses are described in sufficient detail to provide a sound background to its diagnostic use, which is practically confined to the musculoskeletal system (diagnosis of lameness), cardiovascular system (echocardiography), and the genital system of mares (monitoring pregnancy) and stallions. There are 772 illustrations of scans. Each chapter has a long list of references to published work.

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