The Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences, second edition, an extensive revision of the first edition published in 2004, covers all the essential meat topics, ranging from animal production, processing, analytical procedures, and food safety, to final consumption including health issues and nutritional aspects.

Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia Of Meat Sciences 2nd Edition

There are more than 230 articles and these provide a greater breadth of coverage than any existing work on meat science. In addition to publication in print, the Encyclopedia is also available for licensing online that can allow regular updating. The articles are designed to bring a non expert up to a level of understanding the interactions among the various disciplines covered in the articles. Most articles are 3000–4000 words long and include a list of Further reading and Websites to expand the content beyond the immediate scope of this work. The Encyclopedia is, therefore, a valuable resource for several levels of education and experience.

The Editors gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the authors of the articles and the Editorial Advisory Board. The board not only proposed subjects to be covered, but also found contributors and then reviewed the articles. The work involved in an Encyclopedia such as this requires an extensive interactive cooperation among the Editors, the Editorial Advisory Board, the contributors, and the publishers, particularly the staff of the Major Reference Works division of Elsevier. The staff included Nancy Maragioglio, Donna de Weerd-Wilson, Anna Gebicka, Cari Owen, Will Bowden-Green, Sam Mahfoudh, Zoey Ayres, and Marise Willis.

The Editors are particularly grateful to Cari, Will, and Sam, who worked very closely with us and who diligently pursued all avenues to obtain contacts with contributors, maneuvered around obstacles, facilitated the day-to-day management, and linked everyone together to meet the deadlines.

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