Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals is the only book covering electrocardiography of laboratory animals, including dogs, mini-pigs, and cynomologus monkeys.

Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals

Electrocardiography Of Laboratory Animals

As more countries institute requirements for the care of laboratory animals in research, this publication offers an effective standard on performing and analyzing ECGs. Topics covered include safety electrocardiography, toxicology, safety pharmacology, and telemetry. Electrocardiography of Laboratory Animals will assist biological and medical researchers, veterinarians, zoologists, and students in understanding electrocardiography of various species of animals used in research.Covers safety electrocardiography of large laboratory animals Offers comprehensive analysis of ECGs for practical laboratory use Includes a self-evaluation section for testing of ECG reading and analysis.

Beagle dogs, cynomolgus monkeys, rhesus monkeys, and Gottingen minipigs are the most frequently used large animals in biomedical research. Therefore, it is of great importance that the researcher, veterinarian, academician, or student has a basic understanding of the electrocardiograms of these species. There are a number of normal variants associated with these species and those variants will be discussed as we get to them.

Approximately one third of any given population of cynomolgus monkeys, rhesus monkeys, and chimpanzees have any one or more of the normal variants present electrocardiographically. Therefore those nonhuman primates should not be excluded for these normal variants since this would greatly diminish the number of nonhuman primates placed in a study. These animals, whether nonhuman primates or any of the other animals in this book, should be treated as laboratory animals and not as clinical cases.

This book is designed to aid the researcher, student, and veterinarian to better understand the electrocardiographic interpretation for the species covered in this textbook, and is intended for use as a reference book.

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