CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine: Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition. The first edition of this book limited its scope to U.S. and Canadian issues and species.

CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine: Health, Disease, and Rehabilitation 2nd Edition

CRC Handbook Of Marine Mammal Medicine Health, Disease, And Rehabilitation 2nd Edition

This edition tries harder to address international concerns and the worldwide practice of marine mammal medicine. We chose to write the text in (no, not English — sorry Frances!) American (phrases, spelling) for consistency with the first edition. Both metric and American measurements are provided, and there is a conversion table in the appendix.

In the references at the end of each chapter, we include abstracts from conference proceedings (many of which can be found on the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine, or IAAAM, CD-ROM; see Chapters 7 and 8 for ordering information), as well as peer-reviewed books and journals. This is to provide the reader with as much current information as possible; the reader is encouraged to seek peer-reviewed journal articles by the same authors as their pieces are published. We have Web information from reputable sources within the context of each chapter (in bold), information from veterinary and marine scientists through personal communications (pers. comm.), unpublished data (unpubl. data), cross-referencing that refers to pertinent information in other chapters (see Chapter …), and an extensive index.

The chapters in this second edition have been peer-reviewed. Yet, despite this peer-reviewed information, the editors still wish to emphasize that, in the practice of marine mammal medicine, nothing—not Web information, not journal information, not e-mail information—substitutes for talking to your peers and colleagues prior to performing a new procedure, or administering a pharmaceutical to a marine mammal. Nothing beats a healthy exchange of questions, answers, and experiences to assist in decision making.

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