Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine 5th edition

Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine 5 edition, During orientation at the beginning of each 2-week student

Consultations In Feline Internal Medicine 5 Editionrotation on our feline internal medicine service, I prime the group with three nuggets of wisdom about feline practice. First, sick cats surrender clues about their illnesses very reluctantly; hence, the tenet that the foundation of good feline medicine is a meticulous history and physical examination. Second, you have to be a good ear, nose, and throat doctor to thrive in feline practice, given the nagging propensity of cats to develop chronic upper airway problems. Third, our clients expect us to respect the central roles that their cats play in their families. Subsequently, we must communicate with our clients not only as veterinarians but also as pediatricians.

Each volume of Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine complements previous books in the series. During initial planning, I asked the ten section editors to identify topics in their respective specialty disciplines that would be of unique importance to progressive feline practitioners in 2006 and beyond.

The selection of topics in this book is broad, eclectic, and in some cases purposely controversial. Although the focus of the series always has been to provide cutting-edge information about medical disorders, the books also provide a platform for reflective discussion about contentious public issues, for I learn so much about cats and their diseases by reviewing the manuscripts that are submitted for the book.

It is a genuine privilege to work with an esteemed group of section editors and authors, all of whom are leaders in the discipline of feline studies, and they deserve my heartfelt thanks for the quality of their contributions to the project and for their respect for the tight deadlines that we imposed. The attractive and contemporary design of the fifth volume, and the liberal inclusion of high-quality color illustrations, reflect the exemplary standards of the publishing team at Elsevier.

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