Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse 2nd Edition PDF. The idea of assisted learning through visualization, which Knottenbelt and Pascoe had in mind for this work, is continued here in the 2nd edition.

Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse 2nd Edition PDF

Color Atlas Of Diseases And Disorders Of The Horse 2nd Edition PDF
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Wherever possible, images of clinical signs, diagnostics and post-mortems have been provided to give the reader step by step guidance for each one of the disorders. We have included a large number of diagnostic images that were simply not available at the time of the first edition, and information on disorders that were unknown or unclear at the time.

But this is not a definitive text of equine medicine. The aim of this book is to encourage interest in the field and stimulate readers to look through other texts for more in-depth information on particular diseases by helping them visually recognize the disorder in the first place.

Derek Knottenbelt is someone that I have looked up to not only as an excellent veterinarian, but also as an enormous contributor to veterinary learning. So when he asked me if I could put together the second edition of this book, I felt so honored that I could not refuse! He was on hand throughout the process to offer advice and has contributed a large number of images to this edition. Thank you Derek for giving me this project; I have thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

Putting together texts that incorporate a lot of images is an editorial nightmare for the production team, so a huge thanks goes to all those at Elsevier for their hard work, dedication and most especially patience throughout: Robert Edwards, Barbara Simmons, Penny Rudolph and Lucia Perez.

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