Color Atlas of Diseases of the Domestic Fowl and Turkey PDF. The purpose of this atlas is to provide the diagnostician with photographs of the main post-mortem and histopathological features of common diseases in the domestic fowl and turkey. 111c atlas docs not aim to cover U1e 0U1er procedures that may be re4uircd Lu confirm a diagnosis. The text h? been kepi to a minimum and is intended lo be read in conjunction with textbooks of poultry disease (see page 111).

Color Atlas of Diseases of the Domestic Fowl and Turkey PDF

Color Atlas Of Diseases Of The Domestic Fowl And Turkey PDF

Selection of conditions reflects the author’s experience in Great Britain. Inevitably this has led to the omission of some diseases of interest but photographs of less frequently seen disorders arc included where they have been U1ought appropri­ate. ln the main, the photographs have been assembled during the last ten years; diagnostically they span a period of seventeen years.

All photomicrographs are of tissue sections stained with haematoxylin and eosin unless stated otherwise. In two in­stances sect ions from species other than the fowl and turkey are shown. Water soluble acrylic resins have been used occasion­ally for tissue embedding to show particular features and this use is also indicated in the legends. Magnifications of photo­micrographs have been omitted as these were thought to be of doubtful value.

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