Covering both classical modalities of echocardiography and newer techniques, Clinical Echocardiography of the Dog and Cat shows how to assess, diagnose, and treat canine and feline heart disease.

Clinical Echocardiography of the Dog and Cat, 1st Edition

Clinical Echocardiography Of The Dog And Cat, 1st Edition

A clinical approach demonstrates how these modalities may be used to acquire images, and then how you can recognize and identify patterns, relate them to different diseases, and manage patient care with those findings. The print book includes a companion website with 50 videos of cardiac ultrasound exams and procedures. Written by veterinary cardiology specialists and echo radiographers Eric de Madron, Valerie Chetboul, and Claudio Bussadori, this indispensable echo cardiology resource is ideal for general practitioner veterinarians as well as specialists, including cardiologists and radiologists.

This book also discusses principles of hemodynamic evaluation in order to better understand the growing number of indices used in echocardiography to evaluate ventricle performance. New global indices, such as the Tei index, are analyzed and an entire chapter is devoted to the evaluation of the right ventricle function.

The diagnosis and evaluation of complex congenital cardiopathies is presented in detail. Recent advances in interventional veterinary cardiology, now allowing trans-catheter occlusion of patent ductus arteriosus and inter-atrial or inter ventricular septal defects with occluding devices, require very precise measurements and diameters of the orifices as well as inter operative monitoring. For this purpose, a full chapter is dedicated to pre intervention and post intervention evaluation of congenital cardiopathies.

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