Cardiology of the Horse 2nd edition PDF Download. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, significant advances continue to be made in equine cardiology. In that text, the focus was on the role of the clinician in the diagnosis of heart disease in horses.

Cardiology of the Horse 2nd Edition PDF Download

Cardiology Of The Horse 2nd Edition PDF Download

Recently epidemiological studies have provided a much fuller understanding on the prevalence and clinical impact of cardiac murmurs in equine athletes and in the older, general horse population while several new treatment options have been introduced. These are largely underpinned by work in the area of neuroendocrinology that not only informs our understanding of cardiac physiology and pathophysiology but also provides novel targets for therapeutic interven­tion. Electrocardioversion and electrical pacing are now feasible in equine patients and this introduces an exciting alternative to drug therapy in a variety of dysrhythmias.

New material has been included in this edition to reflect these developments, while maintaining the original format in which separate sections are devoted to (1) fundamental and applied physio­logy, (2) diagnostic methods and (3) clinical problems in equine cardiology. The hard copy has been supplemented with a series of clinical cases in digital format that have been selected to illus­trate clinical problems with audio and video material. We hope this will greatly enhance the book’s value to students and experienced clinicians alike.

Research in equine cardiology continues to be a vibrant area of endeavour for basic and clinical research workers across the world. In the UK, postgraduate clinical training programmes and fundamental and applied research have been generously supported by both the Horse Trust and the Horse race Betting Levy Board and we are delighted to have this opportunity to acknowledge the important contribution that these organizations have made towards a better understanding of cardiac disease and function in equine athletes and to the improvement in the welfare of horses with heart disease.

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