BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Reproduction and Neonatology PDF Download

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BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Reproduction and Neonatology PDF Download. The first edition of this manual has been designed for veterinary practitioners and nurses who are presented with dogs and cats with reproductive disorders.

BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Reproduction and Neonatology PDF Download

BSAVA Manual Of Small Animal Reproduction And Neonatology PDF Download

It is also written for undergraduates who have both a need and hopefully a desire to learn more about the area in order to pass their examinations and, equally importantly, to become better clinicians, We have attempted to . cover, in addition to all aspects of reproduction, the related areas of the mammary gland and the neonate.

We accepted at the outset that there would be some duplication of coverage of certain conditions, but felt that that would be no bad thing. There may even be minor differences of opinion in some areas. We have tried to restrict these, but it would be a peculiar world if total agreement reigned in all matters and, to say the least, veterinary science is no exception.

We have to thank a large number of people, although not necessarily by name. Over the last two decades, the field of canine and feline reproduction has developed and progressed very rapidly. We would like to acknowledge the many people who contributed to this explosion of this knowledge. This manual is a tribute to them all. We much appreciate the cooperation of all the authors, who gave much time to the writing of their chapters while at the same time coping with extremely heavy clinical and teaching loads.

Without fail, they accepted the suggested alterations with good nature and made the requested changes extremely rapidly. We would like to thank the BSA VA for commissioning this manual on Reproduction and Neonatology , and finally to thank Marion Jowett, the Publishing Manager, who, witli unfailing good manners, managed to push the whole thing through to fruition while still allowing the Editors to feel that they were in charge.

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