BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Dermatology PDF Download

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BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Dermatology PDF Download. The second edition of the BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Dermatology truly incorporates the new international scope of knowledge in the field.

BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Dermatology PDF Download

BSAVA Manual Of Small Animal Dermatology PDF Download

The co-editors are British and American, and the authors include experts from both sides of the Atlantic and Australia. This new edition has been completely rewritten, reflecting the rapid advances in our understanding of long-described diseases and in characterizations of newly named skin diseases in small animals since the first edition was published. It has also been redesigned with the increasingly busy and increasingly web-oriented veterinary surgeon in mind. The information provided is concise and readily accessible to the busy practitioner, and the book is generously illustrated with colour figures, practical tables and useful diagrams.

The Manual has been organized into four sections. The first provides the practitioner a thorough survey of the basics of dermatological practice, from structure and function of mammalian skin to a practical coverage of dermatopathology as it interfaces with the practice of clinical dermatology.

The second section provides a problem-oriented approach to the common dermatological presentations. Each chapter in this section presents a differential diagnosis to a common skin problem, suggests a database of diagnostic tests and, in many instances, includes an algorithmic approach for working toward a diagnosis. Some representative diseases that are not covered in the third section are presented in brief.

The third section is disease-based, incorporating complete chapters on the commonest skin diseases of dogs and cats. The final section is devoted to skin disease of small animals other than dogs and cats, and includes chapters on rabbits and rodents, ferrets, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

We do hope that this Manual, with its international approach, will provide veterinarians in the many countries in which they practice a well-rounded, thorough, yet very accessible coverage of skin diseases of small animals.

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