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BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pets PDF Download. The 1991 Edition of the Manual of Exotic Pets has been the most successful of the BSAVA manual series.

BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pets PDF Download

BSAVA Manual Of Exotic Pets 4th Edition PDF Download

There can be few vets in practice in the UK that have not, at some time or other in their career, been grateful for some hastily read information when faced with an unfamiliar species in the consulting room. However, after ten years and with the huge increase in veterinary knowledge of exotic species, it was very much in need of an update. Even the term ‘exotic’ can be something of a misnomer nowadays, as many of the species covered are very common and make up a large proportion of many practice case loads.

When faced with the task of editing a new edition we asked ourselves what would be really useful to the practitioner. Thus, in addition to a wealth of background information that can be digested at leisure, we have asked the authors to provide easy-to-read tables, charts, tips and practical advice that can be quickly assimilated and used in the clinical environment.

This new edition is different in several other respects too: it covers new species -fancy pigs and a range of new small mammals; it has wondering new chapters on anatomy and imaging of mammals, birds and reptiles; and it is packed with illustrations, many in colour. The increase in depth of information means that exotic cases can be dealt with to a much higher standard, which is in line with increasing owner expectations of veterinary care.

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