Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice : Companion and Aviary Birds 2nd Edition PDF. Well, a lot of things have happened since author wrote the first edition of Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice.

Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice : Companion and Aviary Birds 2nd Edition PDF

Avian Medicine And Surgery In Practice Companion And Aviary Birds PDF

I completed my transition from private clinical practice to the role of clinical academic at The University of Queensland, my children have grown up and left home, but life seems to be just as busy. So it came as a surprise when Jill Northcott of CRC Publishing invited me to write a second edition of my book.

The first thing I did was go back and read the reviews written by my colleagues around the world. While these reviews had kind things to say, they did highlight some glaring omissions and errors in the first edition. How did I miss cardiovascular anatomy and neuroanatomy in the first chapter? So, to Alex Rosenwax, Michelle Barrows, Julia Whittington and Scott Echols I owe a great vote of thanks. The changes contained in this second edition are largely due to their astute observations and constructive comments.

Other thanks go to my avian medicine colleagues all around the world, all of whom contribute every day to the body of knowledge we call avian medicine and surgery. You generously share your wealth of knowledge and experience through discussion lists, conferences, and published papers. Without your efforts I could not have written this book and the field of avian medicine would be barren and lifeless.

I cannot conclude this foreword without acknowledging the constant support, love and encouragement I get every day from Maree, my wife of over 30  years, and Liz and Pat, our children. Words cannot say how I feel. As with anything I have done, I could not have written this book without you.

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