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Balanced Concentrate Mixture for Dairy animals in Pakistan

Balanced Concentrate Mixture for Dairy animals in Pakistan

Dairy Animals Feed


An adjusted mixture is typically arranged in such a way, to the point that 3.5 to 4 Kg of it might bolster 10 liters of milk creation. Ordinarily in dairy animals concentrate is fed at rate of ½ of the milk yield. one Kg of  blend for each two liters of milk.

Adjusted concentrate nourishing is basic for dairy animals in light of the fact that a solitary focus like maize, grain or oat and oilseed cake alone can’t meet the necessities legitimately. In the event that a solitary focus, for example, maize, sorghum, or grain is considered for encouraging of 400 kg lactating buffalo yielding 10 liters milk, around 7 Kg grain will be expected to give the protein prerequisite. Sub-par quality feed or straw roughage is expensive as well as hurtful. Likewise when high protein oilcake like groundnut and till cakes are sued as single focus, the abundance of protein is squandered and the proportion protein and starch is additionally exasperates which influences milk production.

Ingredients used for wanda making for dairy animals:

The ingredients in wanda should be used according to following ratio:

IngredientsRatio (%)
Sunflower cake10-13
Cotton seed Cake20-25
Rape seed cake10-13
Peanut cake20-25
Cotton seed meal15-20
Soyabean meal10-15
Rapeseed meal15-20
Rice polishing18-20
Wheat bran23-25
Wheat grains15-20
Maize grains40-50
Maize glutan 20%20-30
Maize glutan 30%20-25
Maize glutan 60%5-10
Common salt1-2
Mineral mixture2
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